Give Your Gun a Custom Look With Bastion Gear Laser Etched Parts

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Firearm Safety Rules First and most importantly, make sure you know and understand these universal rules for firearms safety:  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FIREARM POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. TREAT ALL FIREARMS AS IF THEY ARE LOADED. KEEP YOUR TRIGGER FINGER OUTSIDE OF THE TRIGGER GUARD AND OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO FIRE. [...]

Bastion Gear Bolt Action Stainless Steel & Carbon Fiber EDC Pens

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They are pens - they put ink on what? Although it is true that they are pens and that they do, in fact, put ink on paper, the stainless version is 2.8 ounces of solid CNC-machined stainless steel and nearly perfect seamless construction. The carbon fiber version is 2.3 ounces and is two CNC-machined parts [...]

The Best Pistol Speed Loader on the Market – Maglula UpLULA® Universal Pistol Loader & Unloader Review

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What’s the worst part of shooting besides picking up brass? Loading magazines...especially when it’s freezing cold outside, and you’re trying to fight a 9mm round into an *almost* full mag, just to have your thumb slip and then get cut by the magazine feed lips. Ask me how I know… [...]

How to Modify & Improve Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Pro with Noise Fighters & Qore Performance Upgrades

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How to Turn Your Standard Howard Leight Impact Sport Muffs into Epic Noise Reducing, Super Comfortable Muffs for $70 Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic hearing muffs are some of the most popular active ear pro on the market. In this article, we’ll take a look at the long-term durability, dependability, and [...]

L.A.S.R. App – Light Activated Shot Reporter Software Review

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Dry firing is just about the most boring thing you can do in firearms training. The problem is that dry firing also happens to be one of THE BEST ways to drastically improve your shooting. So, how can you make dry firing more exciting than watching paint dry and avoid feeling like you’d rather be [...]

Strike Industries Jellyfish Transparent RMR Cover Review

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The Strike Industries Jellyfish RMR Cover is one of those must-have items if you own a Trijicon RMR. When you spend upwards of $500+ for an optic, it’s never a bad idea to spend just a little bit more on a product to protect that investment. [...]

Are Klik Belts Really the Strongest EDC Belts in the World?

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When someone says something like “world’s strongest belt,” it piques interest, as well as a little skepticism. Are Klik Belts REALLY that strong? Just how strong are we talking here? If I were to say 18 kN (kilo Newtons) strong, your eyes might glaze over, and you might give the old head nod of agreement [...]

Kore Essentials Leather Gun Belt – Review after 2 Years of EDC Wear

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When you think about concealed carry gear, obviously the first things to consider are which gun to carry, what holster you want to use, and whether you’ll be carrying inside the waistband or outside of it. Something that is commonly overlooked is what belt to pair with what holster [...]

Next Level Training SIRT 107 Laser Dry Firing Practice Pistol Review

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Dry firing sounds incredibly boring and can be a huge drag if you do it a lot. The interesting thing about dry firing is that it’s one of the biggest keys to becoming a truly great shooter. Ask any of the best shooters in the world how much they dry [...]

The Official Launch of The Warrior Solution

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WELCOME  I have some great content in the works for you guys! This section will serve as a place for gear reviews, industry news, announcements, and anything else relevant to the gun-loving, bacon-eating, knuckle-draggers of the world.Do you need a drop leg holster or should you run your sidearm on your hip?Are P-Mags really better [...]