The Best Gun Belt for Concealed Carry – Kore Essentials Gun Belts Review

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If you’re looking for a quality concealed carry gun belt, Kore Essentials is your brand. This belt review will cover Kore’s EDC gun belts, tactical gun belts, and their newest battle belt addition.


Kore gun belts are specifically engineered to handle the weight of any EDC (everyday carry) gun, plus all of the magazines and other gear that goes with it. Their unique buckles are a ratcheting style that interfaces with their patented hidden Tracklineā„¢ – it’s super adjustable, making their belts some of the most comfortable and distinctive on the market.


All of Kore’s belts come extra long, designed to be cut to whatever length you need for your perfect fit. Out of the box, Kore belts will fit any waist size from 24″ to 44.” in leather (XL Size up to 54″) and 24″ to 54″ (XL Size up to 72″) in nylon web tactical. With a carry weight rating of up to 6 pounds for their leather belts and 8 pounds for the nylon ones, Kore has you covered for a broad range of waist sizes and carrying needs.

Total Weight

67.2 lbs

I wondered if the 6-8 lb weight ratings might be on the conservative side, so I did some testing with a couple of cinder blocks…you know, for science…just to see what would happen.

This picture is 100% real, and the total weight on the belt is 67.2 lbs. The belt did not bend or flex at all, and the only visible sign that there had been any weight on it at all were some very small indentations where the 2×4 was pressing into the top edge. Kore gun belts are very, very strong belts.Ā Ā 

In the interest of full disclosure, The Warrior SolutionĀ® is an authorized Kore Essentials dealer, and we stock many of the options that we’ll be covering in this article. If you’d like to buy any of the belts and accessories featured, simply click on the image or link to go straight to the product page. We offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Why You Need a Reliable Gun Belt

Kore Essentials X5 Buckle EDC Gun belt appendix carrying a Glock 19

When you think about concealed carry gear, the first things to consider are which gun to carry, what holster to use, and whether you’ll be carrying inside or outside the waistband. Something that is commonly overlooked is what beltĀ to pair with your holster and firearm. It’s puzzling when someone spends $800+ on a gun, $100 on a holster, and then goes super cheap with the belt that’s supposed to hold all of it up!

If you use a belt that is not specifically manufactured to handle the added weight of a gun, it will sag, bend, flex, and potentially fail when you need it the most. Obviously, holding your pants up is a must for any belt, but we are ultimately talking about firearms and the very important role of carrying firearms safely.

Buying gear does not buy skill and is NOT a responsible alternative to getting some quality training. Firearm safety is incredibly serious, and assuming you will be good to go without any practice or training is a recipe for disaster.

Depending on what kind of CCW (concealed carry weapon) you decide to use, your current belt may or may not be tough enough to handle the daily grind of carrying a gun. If you’re an OWB (outside the waistband) kind of person, you may find yourself trying to tighten your belt over time, as it starts to sag. This is because regular belts aren’t built to handle the added weight of a gun, causing it to stretch and give out over time. That’s where Kore Essentials comes in nicely.

Kore’s EDC gun belts are specifically designed for concealed carry. Unlike regular belts, Kore gun belts use a ratcheting track to keep them secure and tight on your waist, without sagging or stretching throughout the day. In addition, this track also allows you to adjust your belt sizing quickly and easily, whenever you want or need. While traditional belts use 5 holes, typically spaced one inch apart, Kore belts have a hidden track with 40+ sizing positions, spaced Ā¼” apart!

If your belt isn't comfortable, you won't want to wear it, and you are less likely to carry your gun. (The same is true for your holster.)

Kore Essentials X6 Black Buckle EDC Gun Belt held in hands

I’ll say more about the comfort of Kore’s belts in a bit; but basically, normal belts that aren’t made for the weight of a gun and the clips that secure your holster can become very uncomfortable over time, especially if you have to make your setup extra tight to compensate for the belt’s lack of rigidity. Kore’s ingenious track system is so adjustable, it’s a major factor in the level of comfort. Kore uses its own proprietary Power Coreā„¢ between the outer layers of the belt to add rigidity for holsters, mag pouches, tools, etc. The stiffness of the core also prevents the belt from collapsing or sagging under heavy loads from guns, extra magazines, and other EDC items.

How Do Kore Gun Belts Work?

The Kore Essentials belt works just like a zip tie ā€“ you slide the belt through the buckle, and the ratcheting system locks into any one of the 40+ track slots. When you want to remove the belt or loosen it up, just push the lever on the bottom of the buckle and adjust to your comfort level. It’s seriously quick, easy, and awesome.

Kore Essentials Trackline sizing system vs normal belts with holes

What Are Kore Essentials Belts Made Of?

Kore currently offers three different materials for their belts, all with good color and design options. They offer full-grain leather, buffalo leather, and nylon, providing varying levels of rigidity and comfort.

It’s important to note that Kore Essentials makes EDC belts, as well as more traditional dress belt versions. The biggest difference between the two is the addition of Kore’s proprietary Power-Coreā„¢ center in the gun belts. The fashion belts are not designed to carry the weight of a concealed handgun, and the gun belt buckles are also not interchangeable with the fashion belt designs because the gun belt options are wider and thicker.

Kore belt buckles use grade 1 titanium, stainless steel, and zinc alloy.

Kore belts are built to work as hard as you do.

Kore Essentials Belt material options and colors

Are Kore Essentials Belts Comfortable?

Kore belts are super comfortable! With the hidden track line, they are highly adjustable, which directly correlates to the comfort level. They’re also durable. Kore uses high-quality leather and nylon in their EDC belts, so they look great and last for years of daily wear. The 10 inches of track-line is virtually indestructible and has 40+ size positions for maximum adjustability. Kore’s leather gun belts are designed to be just as nice as a high-end fashion belt but offer the extra strength and security needed for carrying a firearm.

Kore belts are just stiff enough to hold whatever you need, but not too stiff that you feel like you’re wearing an iron bar around your waist. They are also very quick and easy to adjust while you’re wearing the belt.

What Holsters Work Best With Kore Belts?

Kore gun belts are 1.5″ wide, and the Garrison version is 1.75″ wide. Basically, any holster that fits with either of those sizes will work. It really comes down to your training, personal preference, and what gear you will be carrying, along with your holster. We carry a wide variety of holsters and brands including Alien Gear, Bravo Concealment, Blackpoint Tactical, Crucial Concealment, and Safariland.

Kore Essentials X4 stainless steel buckle on black nylon EDC gun belt with karambit fixed blade knife and holster

Which Style of Kore Essentials Belts is the Best?

Kore Essentials offers a variety of gun belt styles to choose from, all of which are made with high-quality materials and construction. When weighing good options and considering style, the one that’s best for you really comes down to personal choice, based on your own style, what kind of clothing you typically wear, and how you intend to use the belt.

The leather belts are perfect for everyday wear in a professional setting, while the nylon belts are better suited for outdoor activities or rugged use. All Kore belts are designed to be quick and easy to adjust, even while wearing them.

If you work in a typical office setting with a dress code, the leather option would be the obvious choice. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time outside and need a belt that can handle all kinds of weather, the nylon option is probably your best bet. Kore’s line of EDC leather belts is designed to look more like typical fashion belts, giving you the ability to carry your gun discreetly while still looking sharp.

A lot of other belts that are designed to carry guns are pretty easy to spot, even for someone that isn’t necessarily tactically minded. There’s just something that screams, “I’m totally carrying a gun” about other tactical belts that you most likely don’t want to advertise.

The difference between Kore’s regular gun belts and the Garrison version is that the regular ones are 1.5″ wide, and the Garrison is 1.75″ wide.  This means that the Garrison can handle even heavier loads, up to 10 lbs (Very conservatively).

How Long Does a Kore Essentials Gun Belt Last?

Personally, I’ve worn the leather version for over two years, and it still works great. Granted, there are several scratches in the buckle, and the leather has a few marks and dings in it. However, all the stitching is still solid, and I have no concerns about the belt giving out anytime soon.

In general, the leather belt is more susceptible to wear and tear, compared to the nylon version, in my experience. If you need something especially durable for your next range day, go with the nylon option. I have a couple of years on my nylon belts and have never had any issues with them.

What Kind of Buckle Options Does Kore Offer?

Kore Essentials X series EDC Gun belt buckle options

Kore offers more than thirty different buckle designs to match your personal taste. The buckles all have set screws, excluding the fashion belts, which are not really part of this review. Each buckle style is fully compatible with any color or material. There are sleek modern designs, western styles, rugged military versions, and even laser-engraved options. If you still can’t find the perfect buckle, Kore offers a completely custom laser-etched design of your choice! It’s like you can actually, easily create your own ideal belt that’s unique for you.

One important thing to note is that the belt buckles are not compatible across the differing styles. For example, the fashion belts, gun belts, Garrison belts, and battle belts are all different enough in size and features that each line maintains a specific set of buckle options. Also note that the fashion belts do not use any set screws.

Kore Essentials Fashion Buckle Designs

What Kore Gun Belt Buckle Design is Best for Appendix Carry?

The X7 buckle is specifically designed for appendix carry. It is smaller (2 7/16″ x 1 3/4″) than the rest of the X Series buckles.

If you opt for one of the other buckles that’s not specific for appendix carrying, you could rotate the belt around your hips a bit to offset the buckle away from your holster, as an alternative.

How to Size Kore Belts

Sizing a Kore belt is very easy. There are measurements pressed into the back of the belt (excluding the battle belt), so you don’t even need to break out your tape measure! Don’t worry about the battle belt either – it comes with a flexible measuring tape, so you don’t have to mess with breaking into your wife’s sewing kit. Just take your normal waist size or pants size, add at least 4″, and cut the belt with a pair of sharp scissors on the appropriate line. Because of the patented ratchet design and buckle, sizing the belt is actually very forgiving. An important thing to remember is that you can always make the Kore belt smaller, but since you can’t make it bigger once it’s been cut, measure twice before you cut. (Only uncut belts are eligible for full refunds.)

After you cut your belt, loosen the two set screws in the buckle, and open the teeth. An extra but helpful next step is to use a lighter on the cut end of the belt to keep it from fraying over time. Slide the cut end of the belt into the buckle, close the locking teeth, and make sure the set screws are tight. That’s it! Your new EDC belt is ready for the range, concealed carry, tactical training sessions, or whatever adventures you throw at it!

Kore Essentials Western Style Buckles & Buffalo Leather Belts

Kore Essentials Western Style Buckle Options

A recent addition to the Kore belt lineup is genuine buffalo leather options and western-style buckles. Currently, there are seven western-style buckle variations. The Buffalo leather belts have a cool aged look to them, so even when they are brand new, they have the appearance of some great worn-in character.

Kore Essentials western style buffalo leather gun belt with star buckle and EDC carry gear

Kore Essentials Battle Belt

In 2022, Kore Essentials released the world’s first micro-adjustable MOLLE battle belt system. The term “battle belt” is interchangeable with “war belt,” “first-line gear,” or simply “belt kit.” Whatever you prefer to call it, Kore’s version is truly a game-changer in the oversaturated field of regular battle belts that has evolved through the years from old-school suspender-style LBVs (load-bearing vests) to large, padded belts and finally into more streamlined, thin & light, two-piece designs used today. The current industry standard for a battle belt is to use a COBRAĀ® buckle, which is very strong, reliable, and has an excellent, proven track record. The thing is, COBRAĀ® buckles are not adjustable at all, once you get the belt on properly. Typically, the nylon used for these styles of belts is also very stiff, which makes adjusting the fit of the belt rather tedious.

Kore Essentials battle belt loaded with gear and floating on white background

With the Kore Essentials Battle Belt, it works exactly the same as all of Kore’s other belts – the buckle is a ratcheting style that interfaces with their patented Tracklineā„¢.

The added secret sauce for Kore’s design with their battle belt is a flexible, hexagon-patterned, laminated nylon material in the front section of the inner belt. This is what allows the belt to be tightened or loosened on demand, without the need to remove the outer belt.

The inner belt also makes a fantastic, low-profile, concealed carry belt. The inner belt is reinforced with the same Power-Coreā„¢ as the EDC belt line; but with this option, there’s no buckle to get in the way of appendix holsters. This is my current go-to carry method, and I’m really liking it.

Kore Essentials Has More Than Just Belts!

Everything that Kore Essentials makes is fantastic quality, materials, and craftsmanship. The new watches are Swiss-made with sapphire crystal glass. The knives are all made in collaboration with Toor Knives, which is a high-end knife maker. Then we have the Recon ballistic-rated sunglasses, which I personally tested against rocks, pellets, shrapnel, and even a shotgun. (They didn’t actually handle the shotgun, but that isn’t exactly a shocker.)

Where are Kore Essentials Belts Made?

As of early 2023, Kore Essentials belts are made in China. This is mainly because they couldn’t locate a manufacturer in the United States that was able to provide all the components to meet their unique design requirements. I’ve personally spoken with the owner about this topic. Kore has quality control and working conditions standards for their products, and they use high-quality leather and nylon in their gun belts, meaning that your Kore Essentials belt should last for years of reliable use.

Kore Belt Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Kore Essentials is one of the premier brands in the EDC and tactical belt industry. They have been an innovator since their founding and are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether you’re looking for an upgraded work belt, an EDC belt to carry your firearm or tools, or just want to make a fashion statement with one of their unique designs – Kore has something for everyone. Their thoughtful features, attention to detail, and customer service make them stand out from the competition by far. If you’re in need of a new belt, consider Kore Essentials – I think you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “The Best Gun Belt for Concealed Carry – Kore Essentials Gun Belts Review”

  1. Hey Jeremy, I would love to hear your opinion about how the buffalo leather wears over time as well as the x7 vs the x9 buckle.

    1. Hey Brian,

      I actually haven’t gotten my hands on any of Kore’s buffalo leather belts yet. If they wear similarly to Kore’s original leather, they should last for several years without issues. I’m not sure if buffalo leather is inherently more durable or not over cow leather, but I’d imagine they would be pretty comparable.

      As for the X7 vs X9 buckles, functionally speaking, they are identical. All of the Kore X series buckles can be swapped between any of their EDC nylon belts, buffalo leather, and traditional leather belts. The X7 was designed to be their smallest buckle and used with appendix carry holsters. I just measured both buckles, and the X9 is actually smaller than the X7 at 39.4mm. The widest point of the X7 is 41.9mm.

      Really, the only noticeable difference is the aesthetics of the buckles. The X7 is much more “tactical” looking, while the X9 is a lot more like a traditional dress belt buckle.

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