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SIG P365 ROSE – The Ultimate Handgun Starter Kit For Women

I recently released a guide for The Top 10 Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women. While researching the various handguns available on the market for women, I came across a completely new and game-changing offering from SIG Sauer in collaboration with eight-time world champion Lena Miculek. As if being the best female competitive shooter in the world once wasn’t enough, Lena has done it EIGHT times. She also has countless other national, regional, and various shooting discipline titles.

Lena has been shooting competitively for over ten years, and the SIG P365 ROSE is her passion project to empower, equip, and encourage women to carry a concealed handgun. The ROSE is not just a classy P365, it’s a complete starter kit with a Vaultek safe, free online training videos, and access to a Facebook ROSE community.

I believe SIG’s ROSE program is so good that it deserves its own dedicated and detailed breakdown article. Let’s dive in and learn more about this awesome contribution to women’s concealed carry.

The SIG Sauer P365 ROSE: Much More Than a Firearm

The SIG Sauer P365 ROSE is much more than a firearm – it’s a complete system for personal safety, an empowering journey towards independence through education and training, and a welcoming community for continued growth. Developed in collaboration with Lena Miculek, an eight-time world champion competitive shooter, the P365 ROSE, with its special rose laser engraving, is set to transform the landscape of firearm ownership for women.

With the aim of teaching women about gun ownership in an accepting community, SIG Sauer has pioneered the ROSE program, an initiative designed to help encourage and inspire women to take control of their own personal safety. The P365 ROSE is not only a classy pistol with striking gold colored controls, but it’s also an invitation to join an online community of like-minded women, who are collectively embarking on their firearms journey.

The P365 ROSE: An Unmatched Experience for Women

The SIG Sauer P365 ROSE stands out in the market for several compelling reasons. The most distinctive aspect is its attention to detail in making the weapon not just user-friendly, but specifically woman-friendly. With a compact design, the P365 ROSE conveniently fits into virtually any hand size, ensuring a comfortable grip and effortless handling. The matte rose gold colored controls and grip module engraving add an element of elegance, combining function with form in a classy pistol that looks as good as it performs.

The P365 ROSE is also unique in its commitment to supporting women throughout their firearms journey. It provides instant access to a full online training course designed by Lena Miculek, world champion shooter. This course ensures women can learn about gun ownership and usage at their own pace, making the intimidating process of learning about firearms more approachable.

What truly sets the P365 ROSE apart is its commitment to fostering an accepting community. The ROSE online community is a platform for like-minded women to share experiences, learn from each other, and grow together. This supportive environment provides an excellent foundation for women who are new to gun ownership, encouraging them to take the next steps.

The P365 ROSE is not just a firearm; it’s an empowering system that supports women’s independence, personal safety, and growth in the field of gun ownership. It’s a symbol of strength, resilience, and community – truly a handgun starter kit designed with women’s needs in mind.

Aesthetics and Practicality: Features of The P365 ROSE

The P365 ROSE is a compact, stylish solution for concealed carry, combining practicality with aesthetics. The matte rose gold accents on the controls add a touch of elegance, while the black nitron stock color ensures the firearm retains a low-profile, no-nonsense appearance. The grip module engraving and rose gold accents provide a unique, feminine touch, without sacrificing the robust functionality for which SIG Sauer is renowned.

Ready for Action: More Than Just Looks

The P365 ROSE isn’t just about aesthetics. SIG Sauer has ensured this handgun is ready for action straight out of the box. Its rose-styled optic-ready slide is all set to mount a red dot sight, while the XRAY3 Day/Night Sights ensure you’re prepared for any situation. Plus, the kit includes two 10-round steel magazines for ample firepower.

The Complete Kit: What You Get with P365 ROSE

Alongside the actual firearm, the P365 ROSE kit also includes a custom Vaultek case for safe storage, as well as dummy rounds to aid in practice loading and cycling. These components, along with the firearm itself, are delivered in bulk item packaging – ensuring you receive your kit swiftly and securely, with store availability at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.

P365-380 ROSE Features:

  • ROSE Stylized Optic Ready Slide
  • ROSE Laser Engraved Grip Module
  • Matte ROSE Gold Colored Controls
  • XRAY3 Day / Night Sights
  • Two 10-Round Steel Magazines 
  • ROSE Kit includes:
    • Vaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe
    • Dummy Rounds
    • QuickStart Guide

Getting Started: Rose Education Online Training Videos

When you purchase the P365 ROSE kit, you receive instant access to a full online training course. This course, curated by Lena Miculek herself, is a step-by-step guide to everything from holding your pistol for the first time to your first trip to the range. The course is designed to be completed at your own pace, ensuring that every woman, regardless of previous experience or knowledge, can become a confident and competent firearm owner.

Even if you don’t purchase a ROSE handgun, you can still access all of the training videos in the course for free! This is a seriously great way to begin. Lena is an excellent teacher, and I even picked up a few things after watching the course. Seriously, I shot competitively on the National Guard’s international shooting team, and I’m still learning. It’s a lifelong process, and the ROSE education course provides a fantastic foundation.

Support and Community: The ROSE Online Community

The ROSE online community is a remarkable club exclusive offer of the P365 ROSE experience. Here, you’ll find support, encouragement, and advice from other women who are also on their firearms journey. This is a space where questions are encouraged, experiences are shared, and every member is on a mission to support women’s independence through education and training.

Who Is Lena Miculek?

Lena Miculek is a name synonymous with success in the world of competitive shooting. As the most prominent female competitor in the world, she is a force of nature in various disciplines such as 3-Gun and PCC Competition under Team SIG. Since her competitive shooting debut at the tender age of eight, Lena was destined for greatness. By 17, she earned her first World Champion title. Today, her accolades include 8 world titles across five shooting disciplines, 3 PCC national titles, over 50 3-Gun Championships, and a staggering 20 PCC championships. She has also claimed the High Lady title in hundreds of competitions. Beyond Lena’s shooting competition successes, she is considered the most influential female competitor in the industry, continually shattering records and breaking barriers for women throughout the field.


In conclusion, the SIG Sauer P365 ROSE is a revolutionary product, explicitly designed with the needs of first-time female firearm owners in mind. By providing the tools for safe firearm handling and creating an inviting, supportive community, SIG Sauer is actively encouraging and inspiring women to take the next step in their firearm journey. Whether you’re curious about gun ownership or ready to take full control of your personal safety, the P365 ROSE is your perfect companion.

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