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S01E03 "Consolidation"

Guns - Gear - Featured Brands

This is the third post, covering the guns, gear, and brands that were featured in the Amazon Prime original, The Terminal List. If you are looking for information on gear that was seen in a different episode, that will be linked, as soon as I finish writing the subsequent breakdowns.

Episode 1 “The Engram”

Episode 2 “Encoding”

Episode 4 “Detachment”

This post will focus exclusively on Season 1, Episode 3 –  “Consolidation.” I’ll give a little bit of back story for context, as well as some cool behind-the-scenes info, as provided by Gary Tuers of Xtreme_props. Gary was the prop master, in charge of setting up all the weapons for the show. You can find lots of behind-the-scenes pictures of the guns and gear on his Instagram page. Other sources include The Terminal List‘s on-set photographer Justin Lubin, Jack Carr’s website and Instagram, the terminallistpv Instagram, Internet Movie Firearms Database, and Chris Pratt’s Instagram profile

If you somehow found this page before actually watching The Terminal List, STOP READING. The show is awesome, and it’s worth your time to enjoy it free from any spoilers that will be discussed in this post. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Definitely come back, after you watch the show.

Table of Contents

THE TERMINAL LIST Episode 3 Overview

In episode 3 of The Terminal List, James Reece (Chirs Pratt) has officially crossed the line from sanctioned battlefield warfare to cold-blooded murder. The first name on his list has been crossed out; and thanks to Josh Holder (Warren Kole), Reece now has his second target.

Saul Agnon

Saul Agnon's name on The Terminal List
Saul Agnon's name now on James Reece's Terminal List

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Saul Agnon meeting with Steve Horn at Capstone Industries

Screenshot - Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Saul Agnon (Sean Gunn) is the VP of Asset Management for a company called Capstone Industries (Capstone Capital in the book). Why on earth would some corporate fixer and errand boy have anything to do with Reece’s family being murdered in cold blood? What does a multibillion-dollar investment firm have to do with this conspiracy? 

Reece wants answers, and it’s time to bring the war to Saul Agnon’s front door. 

Gear, Guns, & Featured Brands in Order of Appearance

All of the brands, clothing, gear, and weapons, etc that you see on the show were included on purpose. Unlike most movies and tv shows like this, there were no paid product placement deals. Rather, it’s just awesome gear that was/is actively used by SEALs and other members of the military.

The images, titles, and anything highlighted in blue are links to that specific product. I’ve tried to link to pro-2A companies as much as possible. Some of the links are affiliated, which means I receive a small commission on any orders. There is no additional cost to you, and it’s a great way to support our work. If you enjoy this content, and you want to buy something from the show, please consider shopping through one of these links. Thanks!!

It’s no surprise that Black Rifle Coffee Co. makes several appearances throughout The Terminal List. Jack Carr is a big fan of their coffee (Silencer Smooth is his favorite), and so is James Reece (as long as there is honey and cream available). BRCC is a veteran-owned coffee roasting company that has grown into a household name. I don’t personally drink coffee; but if I did, I’m sure it would be BRCC.

In the opening scene of episode 3, Reece is wearing a BRCC Y/W Arrowhead logo shirt. You can grab one of these shirts for $27.99, along with several other BRCC branded gear that’s featured throughout the show.

TTL episode 3 Black Rifle Coffe T Shirt screenshot
James Reece burning evidence linking him to Josh Holder

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

James Reece Planning Saul Agnon mission with BRCC shirt and Resco watch
James Reece wearing Black Rifle Coffee Company T-shirt

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Gun Safe, Go Bag, & Rifle Cases

After burning all the evidence linking to Josh Holder, Reece sends a Threema message to Katie that he needs to meet with her ASAP. Before heading out, he loads up his Land Cruiser with a dozen Pelican cases and bags full of guns, ammo, and gear.

I found an Instagram comment from Gary Tuers (prop master in charge of all the guns and gear for the show) that confirms the number, “He put 12 cases and bags into the back of his Land Cruiser. The ones we see the best are the Rifle case and briefcase.”

This scene features quite a few items that Reece uses throughout the rest of the series. The two most prominent are the BCM SX4 rifle and the Echols Legend rifle. I’ll be going into much more detail on both of those in the episode 4 breakdown. Since they have such a brief appearance in episode 3, I’ll just note them here, but know that the real details will be in the next post. 

THE TERMINAL LIST Fort Knox Maverick 6637 Gun Safe $5,500

This is the same safe that was already covered in the episode 2 breakdown, so I’ll just note that it appears here. If you want more details (and more interior pictures), you can check out my previous post. The safe features a Sargent & Greenleaf Titan electronic lock and has an upgraded door.

Sargent and Greenleaf Titan electronic lock
Fort Knox Part Number Description
M6637 Maverick 6637
BX-M6637-11 Body: 11 Gage Steel
DR-M6637-11 Door: Maverick-11 | 10, Reinforced Door
CDARK-6637 Finish: Dark Granite Textured
I3722SP Interior: 22 Gun - Silver Prestige
ELS Lock: S&G Titan Electronic Lock
SD37 Trim Color: Silver Hardware
SDG37 Graphic: Silver Defender Graphics
RSEXT-3HINGE Hinge: Right Swing; External
MPP37C Bundle: Lights, Door Organizer, Hinge Cap Upgrade, Dehumidifier Rod
DHS10 10-Door Holsters
James Reese Standing Next to his Fort Knox gun safe scale-2_00x
James Reece with his Fort Knox Gun Safe

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Inside The Terminal List Fort Knox Gun safe 2
Inside James Reece's Gun Safe

Photo Credit: Xtreme_props

James Reece packing Benelli M4 shotgun from The Terminal List
James Reece chamber checking his Benelli M4 Shotgun

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun with TTI Upgrades $2,000

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun with FDE Cerakote and TTI upgrades from The Terminal List
Caliber: 12 Gauge Frame Material: Aluminum
Capacity: 5+1 Frame Finish: FDE Cerakote
Barrel Length: 18.5" Stock Material: Black Synthetic
Overall Length: 40” Length Of Pull: 14-3/8"
Action: Semi-auto Sight Radius: 23.5”
Weight: 7.8 lbs Sights: Ghost Ring
Made In: Italy Trigger Pull: 10 lbs, 8 oz

First up is a Benelli M4 Tactical 12ga shotgun. The finish is factory FDE Cerakote with Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) safety, charging handle, and bolt release. You can pick up one of these babies from Gritr Sports, Sportsmans Warehouse, EuroOptic, and Palmetto State Armory. Prices range anywhere from $1,700 to $2,200, and they are surprisingly hard to find in stock (especially the 11791 model used in The Terminal List). 

As for the TTI upgrades, they are surprisingly affordable and seem to be stocked up pretty well, both at Brownell’s and Taran Tactical.

TTI Ultimate Charging Handle $44.99

TTI Oversized Ultimate Safety $29.99

TTI Oversized Bolt Release $25.99

THE TERMINAL LIST BCM Recce 14 SX4 Carbine $1,500

James Reece BCM SX4 Recce 14 rifle from The Terminal List
Caliber: 5.56 NATO Receiver Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Capacity: 30+1 Receiver Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
Barrel Length: 14.5" Barrel Specs: 1/7 Twist Chrome Lined
Overall Length: 31.5” (35" extended) Gas System: Mid Length | Direct Impengement
Action: Full-Auto Weapon Light: Cloud Defense OWL
Optic: Aimpoint T-2 Micro Rail Cover: Burn Proof Gear Rail-Rap
Magnifier: Aimpoint 3X-C Muzzle Device: Rugged 3 Port Break

This is the rifle that James Reece (Chris Pratt) uses in Episode 4 through Episode 6 of The Terminal List. The rifle is a BCM Recce 14 SX4 with an Aimpoint T-2 Micro 2 MOA Red Dot Sight and Aimpoint 3X-C Magnifier. It also features a Cloud Defense OWL light, Rugged Suppressors three-port muzzle break, and Burn Proof Gear Rail-Rap. You can buy a BCM Recce 14 for about $1,500 without the optics and accessories. Honestly, that’s a really good price for what you’re getting. 

I’m actually quite happy with this rifle and optic choice for the show. BCM is a VERY well-known and respected rifle manufacturer in the United States. They started out with the goal of making true mil-spec parts that would be used by private contractors working overseas.

BCM® is the manufacturing arm and Bravo Company USA® is the retail and advertising-friendly arm. Different names, different websites, but same brand and used basically interchangeably. Bravo company was founded in 2003 by Paul Buffoni. The name “Bravo Company” comes from Buffoni’s first company, while serving in the Marine Corps, MCRD San Diego, 1st RTBn, Bravo Company.

Aimpoint is another very well-known brand and widely used optic company. (They literally invented the red dot sight in 1974). The Aimpoint T-2 Micro and 3X-C Magnifier combo is perfect for everything from short-range CQB (close-quarters battle, room clearing, etc) to long-range engagements.   

Because the rifle is only on screen when Reece is packing it for his bugout, I’ll be going into MUCH more detail for the Episode 4 breakdown. The rifle plays a huge role in that one, so I’ll save the details and loads of pictures for later.

James Reece packing his BCM SX4 rifle for The Terminal List
James Reece packing his BCM Recce 14 Rifle

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Pelican Air case with shotgun and BCM rifle from The Terminal List
James Reece packing his Pelican Air 1745 Case

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

The hard case that James Reece used to carry his BCM rifle and Benelli M4 shotgun is a Pelican 1745 AIR bow case. The foam was custom laser cut for the exact weapons used in the show. If your foam cutting projects tend to look like a honey badger got a hold of it, there are companies that do custom laser cutting and colors. and Carolina Custom Foam are good options.

Pelican cases are basically the industry gold standard when it comes to rifle cases, protective gear, and general rugged protection for all kinds of stuff. You can get super small cases all the way up to massive, custom-made, protective boxes. In this load-out scene, Reece actually loads twelve cases and bags full of gear into his Land Cruiser. 

In the book, most of the guns and gear Reece used were actually taken from the SEAL team 7 weapons locker. He basically packed up the entire armory, including a MK-48 machine gun, claymores, C4, and LAW anti-tank rockets. (No links for those, sorry.)

James Reece loading his Land Crusier for revenge
James Reece loading his Land Cruiser full of guns and gear

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Ever wonder what kind of bag James Reece used to load his cash, gold, passports, and ammo? Here’s your answer: It’s a Kadre Tactical Backback in Multicam Black, made by a veteran-owned company called VIKTØS. I watched the scene several times, trying to figure this out. Sadly, the only screen time this backpack gets is all of about 3 seconds at 04:05 minutes into Episode 3. You can also see the top corner of it in the bed of the stolen truck, when Reece is transferring gear at 12:27.  This is actually a purpose-built go bag that can hold full-sized rifles, handguns, and all kinds of stuff! 

Here’s part of the description from the VIKTØS website

“The design premise for the Kadre bag was to create the ultimate go bag – one high-volume bag to carry a full cache worth of guns, gear, and ammo. The backpack needed to be tough as hell, provide modular mounting options, accept full-size rifles & pistols, support loads of ammo, and still, present a low-vis optic for carry in urban areas. Functionally it needed to be tactical AF without screaming military-style or reading like every overtly-tactical bag on the market. It also needed to be at home in the back of a pickup or being rucked to a primitive bugout site. The Kadre is our solution. It is capable of storing rifles up to 35″ in length with barrel extension shroud.”

Go Bag from The Terminal List
The Terminal List Go Bag - A VIKTØS Kadre Tactical Backpack

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

The Terminal List VIKT0S Go Bag from episode 3
The Terminal List Go Bag - A VIKTØS Kadre Tactical Backpack

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

THE TERMINAL LIST Winkler Sayoc RnD Front Spike Tribal Tomahawks $900

Winkler RND front spike crossed tomahawks from The Terminal List

If The Terminal List only had weapons as main actors, the Winkler RnD Front Spike tomahawks would be front and center. These hawks were a collaboration project between Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler and Sayoc Kali martial arts trainer Rafael Kayanan

The Winkler RnD hawk is also a personal favorite of Jack Carr himself, and you’ll recognize their crossed silhouette as his logo. You can buy one if you’d like, but you’re going to wait about 6-8 months and pay over $900 EACH. Officially, it’s called “WK RnD Full Size Axe,” according to Winkler Knives. I’m calling them hawks because of their smaller size, as well as the fact that Jack Carr refers to them as hawks in the books. Axes are typically much larger. However, I’m not a Master Bladesmith, and Mr. Winkler can call his designs what he wants, of course. 

I don’t typically recommend or link to “replica” gear, but I came across an interesting option from Ancientsmithy. He’s a Ukrainian blacksmith, who hand-forges custom axes, hawks, and hammers. The price for one of his hand-forged Ogun tomahawks is currently $173 (at the time of writing). 

Like most of the gear seen so far, the hawks are only on screen for a flash during this episode. They will play a major role in the next one, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for the Episode 4 breakdown. For now, enjoy a couple awesome pictures of the Winkler RnD Axe: 

Screenshot from The Terminal List Winkler RND crossed hawks
James Reece packing his Winkler RnD Hawks

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Screenshot from The Terminal List Winkler RND front spike tomahawks
James Reece packing his Winkler RnD Hawks

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Winkler RND Front Spike Tomahawk on machine gun belt and ammo cans
Winkler RnD Full Size Axe

Photo Credit: Winkler Knives

Close up view of Winkler RND front spike hawk blade
Winkler RnD Full Size Axe

Photo Credit: Winkler Knives

Echols Legend LX 1 Rifle From The Terminal List Right Side profile
Caliber: .300 Win Mag Receiver Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Capacity: 4+1 Receiver Finish: Black Nitride
Barrel Length: 24" Barrel Specs: 1/10 Twist, #2 Weight
Overall Length: 47" Stock: Echols Legend Stock by McMillan
Action: LX-1 Cartridge Holder: HPG Stock Cuff
Optic: Nightforce NSX 2.5 - 10 x 32 Sling: Hunter Co 1" Leather
Reticle: Mil-Dot Trigger: Echols Tuned 3 lb
This is a real test target of an Echols Legend at 100 yards - and yes, that is three shots!

Photo provided by D'Arcy Echols

James Reece Echols Legend LX-1 Screen used sniper rifle from The Terminal List Left side view copy
The actual screen used Echols Legend LX-1 .300 WM Rifle

Photo by Gary Bird, provided by D'Arcy Echols

If you read the book prior to watching the show, you would know this rifle is very special. If you’re like me and saw the show before reading the book or knowing anything about the show, you may have mistaken the rifle that James Reece uses as a garden variety Winchester Model 70. My first time through the show, that was my assumption, and I didn’t quite understand why Reece was treating it with such respect. After seeing all kinds of really awesome weapons like HK-416s, custom TTI Glocks, and a BCM carbine, I was honestly a little disappointed at first to see just a basic deer rifle take on such a big role and be treated with such reverence. Well…


Not only is the rifle the furthest thing from a basic Winchester Model 70, it’s arguably the finest quality handmade big game hunting rifle you can buy. This ain’t your granddad’s deer slayer – it’s an Echols Legend LX-1

I reached out to Mr. D’Arcy Echols directly to learn more about his work and this special rifle. He was super kind and generous, providing a lot of information and images for this post series. All of the images of the rifle you see here and in my episode 4 post are of the actual screen-used rifle, provided by D’Arcy Echols, excluding the first image above, which I rendered in Photoshop to add the stock cuff and sling, prior to contacting Mr. Echols. 

The Nightforce NSX 2.5-10×32 scope used in this episode is actually no longer in production – Nightforce built one specifically for the show. The rifle was intentionally aged and weathered to make it look like it had been used for years by James’ father, before giving it to Reece.   

Screen Used Echols Legend LX-1 Rifle - Right Side close up
The actual screen used Echols Legend LX-1 .300 WM Rifle

Photo by Gary Bird, provided by D'Arcy Echols

The actual screen used Echols Legend LX-1 .300 WM Rifle

Photo by Gary Bird, provided by D'Arcy Echols

Screen Used Echols Legend LX-1 Sniper Rifle from The Terminal List
Screen Used Echols Legend LX-1 Rifle

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin & Xtreme_props

The Terinal List Echols Legend Rifle coming out of the safe
James Reece packing his Echols Legend LX-1 Rifle

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

D’Arcy Echols is known in the big game hunting world, which is partly why I wasn’t familiar with his work, prior to watching and reading The Terminal List. Each Legend rifle has roughly 160 man hours of extremely precise machine work, measurements, and fittings. Up until last year, Mr. Echols was using Winchester Model 70 actions and then spending those 160+ hours making them as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Check out my episode 4 breakdown for the really good stuff, including the story of how Reece’s father got the rifle, as well as a ballistic breakdown of the bullet used and more images provided by Mr. Echols!

James Reece Packing his Echols Legend LX1 rifle in his garage from The Terminal List
James Reece packing his Echols Legend LX-1 Rifle

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Black Hills .300 Win Mag Bullets

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin & Xtreme_props

Gatorz Milspec Ballistic Aluminum-Framed Magnum Sunglasses $240

Gatorz are very popular in the SEAL teams, so it’s no surprise to see these glasses show up so many times throughout the series. The exact style of Gatorz worn by James Reece is the Magnum Ballistic black on black. You can grab a pair for $240 or $144, if you don’t want/need the ballistic option.

Fun Fact: Jack Carr has been wearing and maintaining the same pair of Gatorz since 1998. He wore the glasses on his very first deployment, and they are very special to him. He mentions this a few times during his EDC videos and pocket dumps. I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I imagine that the Gatorz Jack is wearing during his cameo are his original pair from 1998.

James Reece clothing from Episode 3
James Reece meeting Katie before being attacked

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Jack Carr playing Gordo the assassin in The Terminal List
Jack Carr appearing as "Gordo" in The Terminal List

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Big thanks to DJ Stokes for figuring out the jacket. We are about 99% sure this is the jacket that James Reece was wearing during the attack at the diner with Katie. There is a “lined” version and an “unlined” version. The unlined version linked here is the one you’re after. 

Resco BlackFrog Gen2 Black PVD Watch on a Nato Strap $1,905

The Resco BlackFrog Gen2 watch (worn by Reece) can be seen several times in this episode, most notably during the ambush at the lunch meeting with Katie Buranek (Constance Wu). You can clearly see the watch during the gunfight in the street with Adrian “Gordo” Gordonis (Jack Carr cameo).

The watch featured in the show is a quartz version, which was selected for durability while filming. The quartz movement is $1,905, and the automatic version with an ETA 2824 movement is $2,155. 

Screen used Resco Black Frog watch with Gatorz sunglasses from The Terminal List
Screen-used Resco BlackFrog Watch

Photo Credit: DJ Stokes

Jack Carr and Chris Pratt training pistol drills for Jack's cameo in The Terminal List
Behind the scences of The Terminal List - Jack Carr teaching Chris Pratt proper pistol grip

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

James Reece reactacing to contact with his Glock 19 TTI
James Reece having a gun fight with Gordo (Jack Carr)

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Jack Carr and Chris Pratt on set of The Terminal LIst
Jack Carr and Chris Pratt planning their scene

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

THE TERMINAL LIST TTI Glock 19 $1,599.99

Caliber: 9 mm Frame Material: Polymer
Capacity: 18+1 Frame Finish: Matte Black
Barrel Length: 4.01" Slide Material: Steel
Overall Length: 7.28” Slide Finish: Matte Black
Height: 5.25” Sight Radius: 5.98”
Weight: 22 oz. Sights: Trijicon HD XR Night Sights
Width: 1.34” Trigger Pull: 3.5lb Carry Trigger

TTI Terminal Gunsmith Package Details

-Full Wrap Stipple
-Scallop Cut (Only Gen3)
-Finger Grooves Not Removed
-Accelerator Cuts (Ambidextrous)
-Carry Trigger Job
-Titanium Gray Carry Magwell
Two Glock 19 +2/3 Titanium Gray Base Pads (States with high capacity restrictions will receive two Titanium Gray +0 Competition Base Pads) 
-Taran Tactical Logo Engraving on Top of the Slide
-Carbon Fiber Striker Plate

If you’ve seen any recent movies with half way decent guns and tactics in them, odds are pretty good that Taran Butler from Taran Tactical Innovations was involved (i.e. John Wick 1-4, Gemini Man, Transformers, SEAL Team, and about a couple dozen more). 

Taran is a multiple-time national shooting champion and a “Grand Master” in FIVE different shooting disciplines. In addition to being really good at poking holes in paper, he’s done a great job positioning TTI in Hollywood as the go-to firearms training organization. 

The Glock® 19 that James Reece carries in The Terminal List is a Gen 3 9mm that was sent to Taran Tactical for several upgrades. Much like several of the weapons, Taran customized for the John Wick movies, he now offers the “TTI Terminal Gunsmith Package,” if you’d like to trick out your own Glock just like James Reece’s. The current price for the TTI Terminal List package is $999 (not including the gun).

TTI Glock 19 handgun from The Terminal List with book and extra magazines
Photo Credit: Taran Tactical Innovations
James Reece giving Gordo the good news from his Glock 19 TTI

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

James Reece EDC Gear layout
James Reece's TTI Glock 19s, Black Point Tactical Mini WING Holster, and Strider SMF Folder

Photo Credit: Xtreme_props

G19_TerminalList_Top view
Photo Credit: Taran Tactical Innovations
Photo Credit: Taran Tactical Innovations

Blackpoint Tactical Mini Wing Glock 19 Holster


THE TERMINAL LIST Glock 17 TTI Combat Master $1,599.99

Caliber: 9 mm Frame Material: Polymer
Capacity: 18+1 Frame Finish: Matte Black
Barrel Length: 4.01" Slide Material: Steel
Overall Length: 7.28” Slide Finish: Matte Black
Height: 5.25” Sight Radius: 5.98”
Weight: 22 oz. Sights: Trijicon HD XR Night Sights
Width: 1.34” Trigger Pull: 3.5lb Carry Trigger

TTI Combat Master Gunsmith Package Details

  •  Grip Stippling
  •  Combat Master Slide Cut and Ionbond Coating
  •  TTI Fiber Optic Sight Set (discounted rate with your choice of red or green fiber optic rod)
  •  Ultimate Grand Master Trigger (3-3.75 lb); Gen 4 triggers usually run 1/2 pound heavier.
  •  Stainless Steel Guide Rod (reduced-weight recoil spring)
  •  Laser Engraved TTI Logo
  •  Production Grip Job or Competition Grip Job (upon your specification)
  •  2 Magazine Base Pads (your choice)
Jack Carr posing as "Gordo" in front of Reece's Land Cruiser

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

The man, the myth, the legend himself – Jack Carr appears in Episode 3 as Adrian “Gordo” Gordonis. Up to this point in the series, we aren’t 100% sure that James Reece isn’t completely crazy and imagining everything. Katie just presented medical records that clearly show a massive brain tumor, and she thinks he’s lost his mind. We, the audience, start agreeing with her…that is until Gordo tries to kill him in broad daylight.

The gun that Gordo was using is a Glock 17 Combat Master modified by Taran Tactical. In the scene, Jack is wearing Salomon XA Pro 3D shoes, KÜHL Radikl pants, and his Ares Diver-1 Mission Timer watch

I’m going on an assumption that Gary Tuers, prop master for the show who was responsible for providing all of the weapons, likely provided a Combat Master from his older inventory… Buried several years back on his Instagram page, there is a post highlighting the Glock 17 Combat Master that Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Jonshon) used in Fast & Furious 8. I have absolutely no evidence that this is the same Combat Master used in The Terminal List, but that’s my current working theory until new evidence presents. 

Gordo using a Glock 17 TTI Combat Master, trying to kill James Reece

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Glock 17 Combat Master from F8 Movie side view left
The Glock 17 TTI Combat Master Used in F8 (possibly in The Terminal List, as well)

Photo Credit: Xtreme_props

Glock 17 Combat Master from F8 Movie side view right
The Glock 17 TTI Combat Master Used in F8 (possibly in The Terminal List, as well)

Photo Credit: Xtreme_props

Jack Carr's Popular EDC Clothing

Personally, I’m a huge fan of KÜHL and Salomon, as well. I pretty much live in these two brands for many reasons. The KÜHL Radikl pants, specifically, are super comfortable and capable. If you’re interested to find out more, check out my video review on the Radikl pants and  .  

Why Gordo Lost The Gun Fight Against James Reece

Here’s some real-world knowledge for you. Taking out the obvious plot line for the show and the fact that Reece was supposed to win, this same outcome would be very likely in reality. 

Shooting through glass, especially laminated vehicle windshields, is extremely inaccurate and unpredictable. Bullets are finicky little things, and when they slam into an angled and curved object, there’s no telling where exactly they will end up. If you rewatch the scene, you’ll see that #Gordoshotfirst, but the shot completely missed Reece. He even got a second shot off before Reece could return fire, but because Reece was moving, Gordo’s Glock would follow and he would have to shoot through a “clean” part of the windshield all over again. The second shot misses again, and the rest is history. 

The bullet holes in Gordos vehicle from The Terminal List
Front windshield of Gordo's vehicle after the gun fight with Reece

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Shooting through the windshield from inside a vehicle will typically cause the bullet to impact much higher than your point of aim. Even if Gordo had rock-solid fundamentals and was holding a perfect sight picture right in the middle of Reece’s chest, the first few shots through the glass are almost guaranteed to miss. 

Since Reece is returning fire through the same windshield, his bullets will also be deflecting in unpredictable ways. As he makes his way around for a clear shot through the open side window, you can see Reece fires two additional shots into Gordo’s head to insure that he was actually dead.

Here’s an excellent video from Kyle Lamb, explaining why shooting through glass is so difficult. If you didn’t know, Kyle was an ████████ with the 1st Special Operations Detachment – Delta, more commonly known as ████ █████.

Play Video

You’ll notice in the above video that Kyle Lamb, a former ████████, “missed” his first shot through the windshield. That isn’t because he sucks at shooting. It’s because shooting through glass is like trying to nail jelly to the wall. I’ve personally shot through windshields at targets, literally leaning against the front bumper of the vehicle, and STILL missed high. 

There are SO MANY variables that can cause all kinds of weird ballistics. Here is a section of The Terminal List Podcast, where Jack is explaining that scene and why it happened the way it did – just another awesome example of the attention to detail that went into this show!

Pro Tip: If you have to shoot through glass, try to shoot through the same hole, and keep shooting until the problem is solved.

After the attack, Reece drives into a parking garage and finds a suitable older model vehicle to steal. As someone who has taught a few classes on vehicle entry and exploitation as a contractor, I am really glad to see the accuracy in this scene. Older cars are much easier to steal than newer models, and the steps to get one started without the key are all in the steering column, not under the dash, like so many movies tend to show.

Caliber: 9 mm Frame Material: Polymer
Capacity: 10+1 Frame Finish: Matte Black
Barrel Length: 3.41" Slide Material: Steel
Overall Length: 6.5” Slide Finish: Matte Black
Height: 5.04” Sight Radius: 5.24”
Weight: 16.4 oz. Sights: Standard Glock U
Width: 1.1” Trigger Pull: 5.39 lbs
Reece giving Katie a Glock 43X for protection after the attack

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

While transferring Pelican cases, bags, and everything else Reece had packed into his Land Cruiser, he asks Katie if she knows how to use a Glock. He then gives her a standard-issue Glock 43X, which ends up saving her life later. 

The Glock 43X subcompact is one of the most popular handguns for concealed carry and is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for one. 

The Pelican 1490 Protector Laptop Case

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Steve Horn's Shoot House Gear (Updated)

Steve Horn shoot house loadout from The Terminal List ep 3
Steve Horn running through a live fire shoot house with Talos contractors

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

LRB Arms Lower w/ Noveske 10.5" Upper $2,500

Noveske Logo

(Updated) The introduction to Steve Horn (Jai Courtney) involved a six-man team running a live fire shoot house drill. Each member of the team was using an identical 10.5″ CQB rifle setup with Aimpoint CompM4 red dot sights. Thanks to Gary over at xtreme_props, we have some new pictures and info for Steve Horn’s shoot house loadout! 

The rifle is a full auto M15SA lower receiver from LRB Arms, with a 10.5″ Noveske upper receiver. The accessories include an Aimpoint Comp M4, Noveske KX5 “Hog’s Breath” muzzle devise, Vltor quad rail, Streamlight TLR RM1 light/laser, and Magpul furniture.  

The single baffle design of the Noveske Hog’s Breath muzzle brake helps create more back pressure, which helps the shorter gas system cycle the bolt more reliably. It also significantly helps to reduce the fireballs that tend to occur with SBRs. A 10.5″ barrel is not long enough to burn all the gunpowder before the bullet leaves the barrel, so the unburned powder ignites as soon as it hits fresh air at the end of the muzzle. SBRs are also incredibly loud, so even a single baffle muzzle device will help make it more tolerable, especially indoors.

The sealed tubular design of the KX5 directs all of the muzzle blasts forward (rather than out to the sides like a traditional muzzle device), which helps prevent muzzle blasting your teammates and yourself, as you move through close quarters.    

Steve Horn Shooting Noveske N4 CQB Brighter copy
Steve Horn running through a live fire shoot house with Talos contractors

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Steve Horn shoot house gear layout from The Terminal List 1
Steve Horn shoot house gear layout

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

The stack up during the shoot house scene from The Terminal List Episode 3
Steve Horn running through a live fire shoot house with Talos contractors

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Steve Horn wearing First Spear Strandhogg plate carrier

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Steve Horn wearing First Spear Strandhogg plate carrier

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Photo Credit: Panerai

The watch, worn by Steve Horn during the shoot house scene, is a Panerai Submersible Marina Millitare Carbotech 47mm reference PAM 979. For only $19,900, you too can be tacticool like Steve. Big shoutout to Watches of Espionage for ID-ing that one. The secondary market for used PAM 979’s is right around $15k at the moment. I can’t say that I wouldn’t wear one if I was a billionaire, but most guys I know typically ran either Sunto’s or G-Shocks over anything. I personally wore a G-Shock 100-1A1, which is the same watch James Reece was wearing during his deployment on Operation Odin’s Sword. They are affordable, reliable, accurate, low signature, and not the end of the world if you snag it on something and lose it. 

As for the rest of Steve Horn’s wardrobe, he’s wearing a Forged “operator” ball cap (naturally), Peltor Tactical Sport Comms headset, and ESS Crossbow eye pro. I’m not sure what the shirt is since it’s basically a plain black long-sleeve shirt. His pants are Multicam Crye G3 Combat pants with Crye Airflex knee pads. It looks like his shoes are possibly Salomon XA Pro 3Ds, but I can’t say for sure. 

I’m still working on his belt setup. Between the motion blur in the scenes and the color grade straight out of Mordor, it’s proving to be difficult. All I know at this point is that his belt has a Cobra buckle, and it looks like he may be running a Safariland holster.

Steve Horn yelling at his Talos Contractors

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

You're on the door, you should have taken the room! I'm not paying you to j**k me off, okay! I need verisimilitude, you understand?!

Steve Horn- Capstone Industries CEO

The definition of verisimilitude, according to the Cambridge dictionary is, “the quality of seeming true or having the appearance of being real.” The Oxford dictionary defines it as “the appearance of being true or real.”

Fantastic choice of vocabulary from the writers, instantly showing that Horn is nothing but a poser. 

Steve Horn - CEO of Capstone Industries and the third name on The Terminal List

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Meth - Not Even Once

James Reece showing Saul Agnon the methadone syringe before his death

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

There is evil in this world. it's our job to look it in the eye, 'cause most folks don't have the balls. That's the job. We do it. All you gotta do is pay your taxes and stay out of our way, but you, Saul... Steve Horn, Capstone Industries, oh, you wanted in on the frey. Now you're on the battlefield.

James Reece- The Terminal List

Thanks to some scouting and intelligence gathering by Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch), Reece is able to subdue Saul Agnon (Steve Gunn). This scene actually follows the book very closely, and Saul tells Reece everything he knows. Two more names are added to the list, and Reece injects him with a lethal overdose of methadone. Second name crossed off the list. 

Two names down, and two more added.

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

With two names crossed off his list, Reece now has a lead on Marcus Boykin, the lawyer responsible for hiring Mexican Sacarios to kill his family. He also knows that Steve Horn, the CEO of Capstone Industries, is the head of the snake.

This whole nightmare is coming to life because of something called, “Project RD4895.” Could that be the cause of his brain tumor? Why would someone kill off an entire SEAL platoon and an innocent family over this?  

Project RD4895...?

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin

Answers or blood? James Reece will stop at nothing to get both.

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