Project AK-47

Right now, children around the world as young as 8-years-old are being forced to become soldiers for drug cartels and militaries,
separated from their families and abused day and night — robbed of their childhoods.
However, Project AK-47 is working to end it by empowering children, engaging local leaders, and changing cultures.

Project AK-47 (INfire) exists to RESCUE child soldiers from lives of violence, RESTORE their identities, and RESHAPE regions of conflict.
Using economic initiatives, education programs and safe houses, they love and educate these children,
equipping them with tools to navigate hardships and restore peace for their generation.


Every day, normal kids are orphaned, abandoned, kidnapped, abused, enslaved, and trained to kill. They are casualties. They are child soldiers. Armies falsify their ages. Governments deny their existence. Child soldiering has been called one of the cruelest forms of modern-day slavery because it incorporates forced physical labor, subjection to war, and sexual exploitation. Child soldiering is human slavery sanitized from the eye of history.  Kids are hidden away in jungles and guarded by guns. Many are unbelievably young. They are nameless and faceless armies.

MEXICO:  They work in Mexico because the problem of child soldiers is rapidly increasing. Children easily become involved with drug-addicted gangs that often act as hit men for cartels. The children are often referred to as “cartel kids.”

UPPER MEKONG REGION:  They are one of the only known groups working for the rescue and restoration of child soldiers in Southeast Asia. As much as 1/4 of the world’s child soldiers reside in Burma (Myanmar), which is the largest concentration of child soldiers in any one nation.

PHILIPPINES:  They work in this region with indigenous people, primarily in remote mountain villages that are plagued by conflict with militant groups. Children have no access to education or means of protection and become easy targets for recruitment.

child soldier holding rifle in the jungle
Three young child soldiers
Young female child solder and her brother



Every Year, Thousands of Children Are Impacted By Project AK-47

Project AK-47 rescues these child soldiers from a life of violence and gives them dedicated care through
adulthood. They love, clothe, feed, educate, and shelter them in a place of refuge. Many children are
still waiting to be rescued. Project AK-47 is a call to arms, a mission of hope, and a fight for justice.

How You Can Help

The Warrior Solution has partnered with Project AK-47 (INfire) in order to spread awareness of the reality of child soldiers. You can help simply by making any purchase from our store - a portion of all profits will be donated to support rescue missions and projects. You can also purchase specially marked Project AK-47 shirts and mugs below, and 100% of the proceeds will be given to Project AK-47. If you prefer to donate directly, please click the link below to go to the Project AK-47 donation page.


Any amount can make the difference in saving a child's life. (Donation link is to INfire - Project AK-47 is a DBA of INfire.)


Interested in volunteering, interning, or working for Project AK-47?

All profits from Project AK-47 branded products are donated to help rescue child soldiers.

Project AK-47 is a 501(c)(3) organization. All images and text are the property of Project AK-47 and are used with permission. All rights reserved.

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