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How do I get free shipping?2018-10-18T23:17:38-07:00

We are happy to offer free shipping on all orders over $100. If your order is over $100.00 and free shipping is not an option for you, just shoot us an email and we will get it squared away for you. We may also offer coupon codes and discounts that offer free shipping from time to time on our social networks.

Why does my new shirt smell weird?2018-10-18T23:08:26-07:00

The ink we use is made from liberal tears, which tends to stink… Just kidding (sort of). We use a special ink that has a bit of a smell, but the ink lasts a super long time and bonds extremely well to the shirts. The smell is strongest when you first take the shirt out of the plastic bag, but the smell will fade shortly. Apparently, it’s environmentally friendly too or some such thing. It’s also probably gluten free… and vegan.

Why does it take several days to ship my shirt?2018-10-18T22:42:46-07:00

We do not currently keep a large stock of shirts in all of the various designs, sizes, and colors we offer. As a result, every shirt that is ordered is printed, packaged, and shipped after the order is placed. It takes a few days to get all of that done, but the payoff is that we can offer several different designs instead of just stocking a few.

When will my order ship?2018-10-18T22:33:00-07:00

Typically orders received before 3:00PM eastern time will be shipped that same business day. If not, your order should ship out the next business day. Our custom shirts take a few days to make before they are shipped. Usually about 3-5 days on average after you place your order.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?2019-12-09T12:52:51-08:00

Yes we do! We stand behind our military and support them no matter where they are.

Do you ship internationally?2019-12-09T13:10:24-08:00

As of 2020, we do not currently ship outside the United States. That will most likely change in the future.

Who pays return shipping?2018-10-18T19:41:07-07:00

Since we are still a very small company, we don’t have the resources to cover return shipping as well as the possible loss for the actual return as well. Once we grow, this is something that we would like to change, however, for the time being the buyer will be responsible to cover return shipping costs.

Is there a restocking fee?2018-10-18T19:37:07-07:00

NO! Fees are stupid, and we don’t use them. Ever.

Can I return anything?2019-03-21T23:20:46-07:00

We accept returns for just about everything that we sell; however, there are a few things we cannot accept in returns. All sales are final on the following: ammunition, bullets, black powder, and SD cards.

Do you accept returns?2019-03-22T00:11:00-07:00

Absolutely! We want to be helpful in every way that we can, including making sure you get the right product for you instead of forcing you to keep something that isn’t what you need. Check out our complete Return Policy for more info.

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