Slim Metal Survival Tools That Aren’t Cheap Junk – Grim Survival Tools

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Grim Survival Tools: Slim EDC Gear for Any Situation In a world full of “survival kits,” I’m always a little leery and hesitant to mess with them. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of credit card-sized tools and products marketed as slim survival kits. The reality is that just about all the metal [...]

KeyBar – The One Key Organizer And Multi Tool To Rule Them All

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KeyBar = Epic Every Day Carry Key Organizer & Multi-Tool Do you own locks that require keys to open? Do you work in a location that has you carrying around endless rings of keys to open every door in a five-mile radius? Do you carry a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman Multi-Tool because you [...]

EDC Pocket Knife or Boat Anchor? Bastion Gear Braza D2 Steel Knife and Braza Mini Bro D2 Keychain Knife Review

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Overview: The Braza D2 Blade EDC Folding Knife is super solid and has a very premium feel. You get the look of titanium scales without the extra cost, and the overall fit and finish is fantastic. You won’t regret picking one up unless you have weak upper body strength and cheaply made pockets that can’t [...]

Black Phantom Tactical Ghost X4 and Conceal Carry OTF Automatic Knives

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Black Phantom Tactical OTF Automatic Knives If you’ve never experienced an OTF knife, meaning the blade comes “out the front,” they are great for one-handed, quick access to the blade. OTF knives are commonly called “switchblades” because the opening action is activated by a switch on the top or side of the knife. There [...]