Mantis X10 Elite Firearm Training System

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Mantis X10 Elite Firearm Training System TLDR: The bottom line is that the MantisX Training System is extremely effective for improving your marksmanship across several firearm categories, including dry fire, C02, live fire, and even archery! The MantisX is basically like having immediate access to the smartest, most observant shooting instructor ever.  It doesn’t [...]

Seekins Precision SRS Rail Bipod Attachment Point

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Seekins Precision SRS Rail When you upgrade the stock of your precision rifle to one of the high-end options from H-S Precision, McMillan, or Bell & Carlson, you’ll find two sling swivel studs on the front end for a bipod and a sling attachment point. That's perfectly fine, if you intend on using a [...]

TrainingSights – Seriously Effective Teaching Aids For Any Marksmanship Instructor

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TrainingSights Marksmanship Teaching Aid As a firearms instructor, I spend a lot of time explaining the importance of proper sight alignment and sight picture. There is a reason these aspects are part of the core fundamentals of marksmanship. If your sights aren’t aligned correctly, your bullet impact is going to be somewhere you did [...]

I Tried to Destroy My Bastion Gear Every Day Carry Pens…and FAILED!

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Destructive Testing of Bastion Gear Every Day Carry Pens In a world full of “tactical” pens, Bastion Gear has taken a more elegant and refined approach to the subject of high-quality EDC pens. Their sleek designs and clean lines are a stark contrast to other EDC pens available that look like Swiss Army Knives [...]

Give Your Gun a Custom Look with Bastion Gear Laser-Etched Parts

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Firearm Safety Rules First and most importantly, make sure you know and understand these universal rules for firearms safety:  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FIREARM POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. TREAT ALL FIREARMS AS IF THEY ARE LOADED. KEEP YOUR TRIGGER FINGER OUTSIDE OF THE TRIGGER GUARD AND OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO FIRE. [...]

The Best Pistol Speed Loader on the Market – Maglula UpLULA® Universal Pistol Loader & Unloader Review

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What’s the worst part of shooting besides picking up brass? Loading magazines...especially when it’s freezing cold outside, and you’re trying to fight a 9mm round into an *almost* full mag, just to have your thumb slip and then get cut by the magazine feed lips. Ask me how I [...]

Next Level Training SIRT 107 Laser Dry Firing Practice Pistol Review

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Dry firing sounds incredibly boring and can be a huge drag if you do it a lot. The interesting thing about dry firing is that it’s one of the biggest keys to becoming a truly great shooter. Ask any of the best shooters in the world how much they dry [...]

The Official Launch of The Warrior Solution

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WELCOME  I have some great content in the works for you guys! This section will serve as a place for gear reviews, industry news, announcements, and anything else relevant to the gun-loving, bacon-eating, knuckle-draggers of the world.Do you need a drop leg holster or should you run your sidearm on your hip?Are P-Mags really better [...]