The Ultimate KÜHL Pants Buying Guide

I’ve been wearing KUHL pants as my go-to pants almost exclusively for several years. I’ve sported them in a wide range of environments and weather conditions, literally coast to coast – teaching shooting and tactical driving courses, off-road driving, mud bogging through swamps, boating, and lots of travel by car, bus, metro, and plane, from the Georgia family farm to the streets of Atlanta, D.C., NYC, Philly, Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, and Seattle to trail running in the San Juan Islands, fishing on a mountain lake, skiing in Colorado, hiking trips in the Arizona desert, romantic beach walks with my wife in Virginia Beach and the Oregon coast, a cross-country move, construction projects at home, and mowing the lawn. Personally, I absolutely love my KUHL pants and recommend them 100%. I think they’re awesome! Just watch any of my videos, and you’ll see that I’m wearing KUHL pants every time, including years before I became affiliated with KÜHL.

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