Strike Industries Jellyfish Transparent RMR Cover Review

Strike Industries Jellyfish RMR cover Review by The Warrior Solution

Strike Industries Jellyfish RMR Cover – Must-Have Item if You Use a Trijicon RMR

When you spend upwards of $500+ for an Trijicon RMR pistol optic, it’s never a bad idea to spend just a little bit more on a product to protect that investment.

The Strike Industries Jellyfish RMR Cover is specifically designed to fit very nicely around both the standard and adjustable brightness Trijicon RMR red dot sight variants. The Jellyfish will not fit over dual-illuminated models, so be sure to double-check what kind you have before you place your order.

Trijicon RMR type 1, Type 2, and Dual illuminated models

The overall design and concept for the Strike Industries Jellyfish is simple – protect the RMR while also allowing the user to still see the red dot inside the RMR to effectively shoot while the cover is installed.

It’s also elegant and well thought out, minus a couple of issues that I’ll talk more in-depth about in a moment. The fit and finish of the Jellyfish are very nice, and it snaps securely over a Trijicon RMR by using two small indentions on the sides of the Jellyfish that interface with existing holes in the sides of the RMR. In theory, it’s a great idea.

Strike Industries Jellyfish RMR cover

Where things start to go wrong for the Strike Industries Jellyfish are the lack of actual transparency and the fact that, if you have a fairly standard RMR setup on your pistol, you will have to modify the Jellyfish in order for it to fit correctly.



Prices accurate at the time of writing

As you can see from these two pictures, the RMR without the Jellyfish installed is clear, and it’s easy to see through it. As soon as you put the Jellyfish on, however, that nice clear sight picture turns into a very dark, cloudy image of the dot. 

It’s so difficult to see through, that you will have to keep both eyes open if you want any kind of chance at actually hitting where you’re aiming. Shooting an RMR with both eyes open isn’t a new concept, but the total lack of any kind of transparency through the Jellyfish is honestly quite disappointing. In my opinion, Strike Industries should have tweaked the recipe for the plastic they use to make it a lot more transparent.

The second issue I have with the Strike Industries Jellyfish is the fact that I had to modify it, in order to fit my RMR correctly. As you can see from these pictures, I used a Dremel tool to carve out a notch that would fit my rear iron sights correctly.

Both the fit and transparency issues should be an easy fix if Strike Industries just tweaks their formula for the plastic and adds a rear sight notch to their mold. With these two problems solved, it would be a fantastic product and an absolute no brainer purchase.

If you’re running a Trijicon ACOG with an RMR on top, I would definitely recommend the Strike Industries Jellyfish for that setup. Since the RMR is not used that often and is the highest point on the rifle, it will tend to get knocked around more often than other parts. The Jellyfish would be a great solution to help prevent damage in that case.

As it is now, however, I give the Strike Industries Jellyfish a 3 out of 5. If you have an RMR, it’s worth the very reasonable investment of around $12 to pick up a Jellyfish. Just don’t plan on keeping it on your RMR-equipped full-time carry gun.

Strike Industries Jellyfish RMR cover

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