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Are Klik Belts Really the Strongest EDC Belts in the World?

Klik Belt EDC carry

Klik Belts Nylon Gun Belts: Strongest Belts in The Wrold?

Just how strong are we talking here?

If I were to say 18 kN (kilo Newtons) strong, your eyes might glaze over, and you might give the old head nod of agreement – like you give the car mechanic that just told you the muffler bearings need to be greased. However, if I were to say a Klik Belt could lift a car off the ground(!), THAT might be interesting enough to dive a little deeper into this “world’s strongest belt.”

Klik Belts Are Proudly Made in America

Klik Belts are sewn in Austin, Texas, and use genuine AustriAlpine COBRA® buckles. What is an AustriAlpine COBRA® buckle, you might ask? They’re the actual original COBRA® buckle inventors and patent holders that everyone else has been copying for years!

If you jump on and search for “cobra buckle belt,” you’ll get about seven pages of belts ranging in price from $9 all the way up to $99+. What’s the difference between a $9 “Tactical Belt, Military Style, Heavy Duty” option and a genuine COBRA® buckle Klik Belt?

That’s a bit like asking what’s the difference between a $12,000 ROLEX® and a $100 “ROLEX” that you can pick up on Canal Street. They might look similar at a glance, but the actual build quality, overall reliability, and durability are worlds apart.

What about the Cheaper Belts Available? Aren’t All Cobra Buckles the Same?

In the shortest answer possible? No. Not even close. Cobra® is a trademark owned by AustriAlpin. Real Cobra buckles are only made in Austria, NEVER IN CHINA. You’ll see something like “cobra style” or buckles that look like genuine Cobra buckles but don’t have any of the safety ratings, branding, or markings.  

Some other things to keep an eye out for include grammatical errors and misspelled words in the listings. No branding or markings and the item description is basically nothing but keywords to try and get hits in search results like our quest for the world’s strongest belt.

HINT: Sometimes what you don’t see tells a more important story. Think about that while we move on to understanding weight ratings for gear like this.

Weight Ratings, Safety Tests, And Other Important Facts to Know

Photo Credit: Klik Belts

When a piece of gear is designed with heavy load-bearing use in mind (for example, climbing gear and off-road vehicle recovery equipment), it has to undergo several different highly scientific tests and certification requirements before it can be given an official weight rating certification.

There are several different organizations around the world that perform weight-bearing testing and certification, including ANSIUIAACE, and more.

In the case of AustriAlpine COBRA® buckles, they are purpose-built and engineered for all kinds of military, police, first responder, medical, rescue, and special applications. They have several weight rating certifications from the American National Standards Institute for fall protection. Check out this link for the ANSI Z359.1 fall protection code if you want more information on what specific tests and standards have to be met.

Klik Belts Only Use Genuine AustriAlpine COBRA® Buckles

If you are in the market for a belt that looks like a real COBRA® belt that will hold your pants up, then the cheap options available might work out fine for you.

However, if you work in the military, police, or first responder fields, you might want to seriously consider the quality of your gear before you opt to save a few bucks. The last thing you would want is your knockoff belt to fail right in the middle of you doing something epic. As we all know, rule #1 is, “Look cool while you’re doing it.” There is nothing cool about your undies flapping in the wind while all your teammates whip out their phones to record your five minutes of fame for all eternity.

Nylon and Thread Strength

A belt is only as strong as the weakest link, and Klik Belts are no different. The type of nylon used to make the belts is a very important factor for both comfort and rigidity. The thread choice to sew everything together is also very important. As you can see from the car lift video below, Klik Belts has not cut any corners in the nylon and thread departments either.

I can’t speak on the nylon and thread quality of the cheaper options available; but with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for, as the saying goes. If you think you have found a great deal on a genuine COBRA® buckle belt that only costs you the price of a couple of McDonalds® Happy Meals®, you might want to be very careful with your intended end-use.

Klik Belts Customization Options

Klik Belts come in a variety of buckle colors and nylon webbing options. You can opt for a single layer of nylon for a very flexible and comfortable fit in a general use belt like this.

If you intend on carrying a gun, magazine pouches, radio, and other gear on your belt, I would recommend going with at least the 2-ply tactical belt option for a much stiffer overall belt that can handle the added weight of all that gear, like this one.

If you are a police officer, Klik Belts offers 1.75” 3-ply belts to replace your standard-issue duty belt. Based on the strength of the 2-ply belts I tested for this review, I’m confident that a 3-ply duty belt from Klik Belts would serve you very well.

Klik Belts Additional Accessories For Your K9 Fur Missile

Klik Belts also makes Dog collars using genuine AustriAlpine COBRA® buckles. These would be great options for Police K9 officers and Military working dogs. Unless your K9 companion weighs more than a full-grown African water buffalo, you can confidently rely on a Klik Belt collar. Obviously, they would be extremely strong collars for civilian dogs, as well.

If they really do make the world’s strongest belt, they probably also make the world’s strongest dog collar. Just sayin.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Klik Belts are very high quality belts that are sewn in Austin, Texas. They only use genuine AustriAlpine COBRA® buckles to maintain the highest quality and reliability possible.

You can get several different nylon and buckle colors to suit your specific preferences and needs.

You tend to get what you pay for, so if you need a 100% reliable belt that can also be used in other emergency applications like rappelling, rigging, vehicle recovery, and more, Klik Belts is a very solid option. (Obviously, The Warrior Solution does not condone or recommend the use of Klik Belts or any other belts for any application other than holding up your pants. Don’t sue me, bro)

If you’d like to purchase a Klik Belt, simply click any of the images on this page to be taken directly to that specific belt on If you prefer, you can also shop directly on the Klik Belt website.

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