2nd Amendment Freedom Flag (Full Color) Long Sleeve Shirt


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Smell that? It’s the sweet, glorious scent of cordite and gunpowder that follows this shirt around wherever you go. What’s better than the American flag? How about the American flag with some of the most advanced weapons in the world running down the stripes?!

SBR? Check.
Suppressed bolt gun? Check.
Short barrel suppressed sniper rifle? Check.
Shotguns blasting freedom? Check.
Ban guns and save the sea turtles? Hell no!

The United States Constitution spells it out very clearly. Now you can wear your support for the 2nd Amendment and look cool while you’re doing it (Rule #1).

Made out of super soft, pre-shrunk, hand-spun, individual Viking beard hairs and spent shell casings.*

*Turns out Vikings will cut your head off if you touch their beards, and all our brass was reloaded for more range time, so we had to use 100% cotton instead.

2nd Amendment Freedom Flag (Full Color) Long Sleeve Shirt

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