Maglula Strip Lula 5.56/223 Magazine Loader/Unloader For AR15s


M-16 / AR-15 10-round universal StripLULA® loader for all 5.56 / .223 metal & polymer stripper clips and magazines, including PMAGs and Lancer.

Loads from 10-rd stripper clips as well as 10 loose rounds.

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Easy To Use

Loads 10 Rounds Each

Can be loos rounds or 10 round stripper clips.

No Thumb Pain

Proudly Made In Israel

The Maglula StripLULA® Universal Speed Loader Works On most 5.56 / 223 Magazines

M4 / AR15 10-round universal StripLULA® loader for all 5.56 / .223 metal & polymer stripper-clips and magazines, including PMAG’s and Lancer.

  • Gen. II universal StripLULA® loader.
  • Loads both 10-rd stripper-clips and 10 loose rounds.
  • A simple unloader.*
  • Small & durable.
  • Weighs 41 grams (1.5oz)

Loads 10, 20, 30, 40 & 100 round 5.56 / .223 magazines, like:

  • M4 / AR15 USGI (NATO STANAG 4179)
  • Magpul PMAG
  • H&K metal 416 / SA80
  • Beretta AR 70-90
  • Thermold
  • Orlite
  • SIG Arms (black mags)
  • Beta C-mag drum

Note: StripLULA® loader is packed and sold without stripper clips. The StripLULA does not currently work with Amend 2 magazines, as they do not have the necessary grooves that speedloaders like this use for alignment. All photos, videos, and animations on this page are the property of Maglula ltd.


All-in-one 10rd stripper clip and loose rounds magazine loader and unloader*.

  • Fits all M-16 / AR-15 5.56mm type metal and polymer mags.
  • Fits all M-16 / AR-15 5.56mm type stripper clips, metal and polymer, including GECO. (not compatible with Amend 2 mags)
  • Eliminates finger pain and injury.
  • Easy and quick loading.
  • 1/3 the size of competing loaders.
  • Prolongs magazine life.
  • Reliable in all weather.
  • Durable reinforced polymer.
  • Ambidextrous.

* Use our M-16 / AR-15 LULA loader and unloader for professional and fast (5 sec) unloading.

Maglula Strip Lula 5.56/223 Magazine Loader/Unloader For AR15s

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