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Esstac KYWI Single 5.56 Shorty Magazine Pouch Naked


The esstac Single 5.56 Shorty KYWI  magazine pouch fits just about any standard STANAG AR15 rifle magazine. Retention from Kydex, silence from nylon. *DOES NOT FIT AK MAGS*

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Esstac Single 5.56 Shorty KYWI Magazine Pouch

Esstac KYWI (Kydex Wedge Insert) magazine pouches are legendary in the military and special operations communities. The design combines two of the best attributes of traditional nylon pouches with more modern Kydex options. The outside of each esstac KYWI (pronounced like the fruit) pouch is 500D nylon, essentially sewn into a box open at both ends. The Kydex insert slides into the nylon sleeve and is held in place by velcro and friction from the Kydex itself. This combination gives you the best of both worlds: solid retention with a satisfying “click” to hold your magazines in place, and a soft nylon exterior to keep the noise down while you’re LARPing in your mom’s basement. No need for silly bungee cords, velcro, buttons, or other nonsense. Slide your mags in, and pull them out when you need them. 

Esstac Single 5.56 Shorty KYWI mag pouches are ideal for battle belts. They give you plenty of real estate on the magazine to grab with your off-hand for emergency reloads from your hip. 

The esstac KYWI system is simply the best on the market, which is why we choose to carry them. The Warrior Solution® is an authorized esstac dealer, and all of our inventory comes straight from esstac HQ.   


  • Fits any standard “STANAG” AR15 magazine
  • Esstac KYWI Hybrid Kydex insert and nylon design
  • Kydex wedge insert (KYWI) provides excellent mag retention
  • Requires mounting hardware (choose your option above)
  • Made in USA
  • Does *NOT* fit AK mags, comrade. 

The magazines pictured are for demonstration only, and are not included with the pouch. Nice try, though.

How To Mount An Esstac Pouch - Mounting Options Explained

esstac KYWI double pistol magazine pouch with three different mounting options. Including WTFix strap, MALICE Clip, and Velcro One Wrap.




This one is pretty straightforward. “None” means nothing, the absence of something, and general emptiness. Like your soul. (No mounting hardware, so you have to supply your own.) Esstac does not use traditional PALs straps and buttons for their pouches, so you will need to choose an option that works best for where you plan to mount it. 

Velcro One Wrap

If you’re planning on mounting esstac pouches on a battle belt, go with the One Wrap option. This is by far, the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to mount an esstac pouch on a belt.  One Wrap is basically superfine hook velcro on one side, and loop on the other. It sticks to itself when you loop it around a belt. Another advantage of One Wrap is that it will also stick to the hook/loop on your inner and outer battle belt, keeping the pouch even more secure. I haven’t done any side-by-side strength testing with the various options, but I can say for sure that One Wrap is the best (in my opinion) if you’re going to run the pouch on a battle belt.

WTF Straps

Some say these are named based on the number of F-Bombs you’ll drop trying to install them. Meanwhile, everyone that doesn’t eat Crayons can figure these out pretty easily. They are laser cut Hypalon/HANK (whatever that means *takes another bite*) material – basically super flexible rubbery bands. They are very strong, and they won’t dig into your hips or create hotspots over time. WTFix straps are ideal for mounting esstac pouches on plate carriers, chest rigs, or bags. They are not so great if you plan on mounting the pouch to a battle belt. The reason is battle belt’s use NON-Mil-Spec 1/2 webbing, which will ultimately cause the WTF strap to be a little too loose, thus causing you to drop another F-Bomb on your way to order one wrap to replace them.


Back in the day, Tactical Tailor came up with a new wizbang way of attaching pouches to plate carriers. They are called, MALICE Clips and have become an industry standard for attaching MOLLE pouches to PALS webbing. Available in two sizes and colors, these clips allow you to attach pouches like a boss. They are a little finicky to work with on a battle belt, and the lower portion where the clip locks into itself can cause hot spots over time. 

MALICE clips are best for attaching pouches to plate carriers, chest rigs, bags, and thing that use standard 1″ gap PALS webbing. Basically all of the battle belts on the market use 1/2″ “micro” webbing, which makes the gap too small to work properly with MALICE clips.

1.75″ Belt Loops

These are designed to weave into the MOLLE of your esstac pouch and then worn with any belt 1.5-1.75″ in width. Esstac belt loops are injection molded in the USA and are your best option if you don’t have a dedicated battle belt and you’re looking for a way to carry a KYWI pouch on your belt.  

2.00″ Belt Loops

Esstac’s 2.00″ belt loops weave into the rear webbing of their pouches, and other manufactures’, to create a loop on the back of the pouch, which can then be worn directly on any 2″ Belt. Esstac belt loops are injection molded in the USA.


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ESSTAC is a renowned manufacturer of nylon gear that caters primarily to the firearms industry. With a reputation for exceptional quality, ESSTAC's products are highly regarded for their versatile and functional design. The brand has gained recognition for its hybrid Cordura/Kydex pouches, which offer durability and modern shooter appeal. ESSTAC's KYWI series of pouches, featuring a hybrid kydex and nylon design, have become synonymous with minimalistic yet efficient functionality, making them a top choice among firearm enthusiasts and professionals.
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The esstac KYWI 5.56 shorty pouch is ideal for battle belts and duty belts. Fits just about any standard AR15 magazine.

Esstac KYWI Single 5.56 Shorty Magazine Pouch Naked

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