When you think about concealed carry gear, obviously the first things to consider are which gun to carry, what holster you want to use, and weather you’ll be carrying inside the waistband or outside. Something that is commonly overlooked is what belt to pair with that holster and firearm. If you use a belt that is not specifically designed to handle the added weight of a gun, the belt will sag, bend, flex, and potentially fail completely when you need it the most.

The Kore Essentials gun belt is so far the best belt I’ve ever used for concealed carry, as well as the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn. The ingenious hidden track design is super adjustable and is a major factor in the comfort level of the belt. Kore uses their own proprietary solid core between the outer layers to add rigidity for holsters, mag pouches, tools, etc. The stiffness of the core also prevents the belt from collapsing or sagging.

The track system works just like a zip tie, you slide the belt through the buckle and the ratcheting system locks into any one of the 40+ track slots. When you want to remove the belt or loosen it up, just push the lever on the bottom of the buckle and adjust to your comfort level. It’s seriously awesome.

Kore Essentials have several different styles of buckles and belts that can be paired up to match any occasion. Want a tactical belt to use on the range? Done. Need a very nice belt to wear with a three-piece suit? Kore has you covered.

What about long term wear and durability? The belt pictured in this review is my own personal EDC (every day carry) belt. I’ve worn it every day for the last two years with holsters, radios, and magazine pouches. As you can see from the pictures, the belt has stood the test of time very well. The places where my holster and radio sit show the most signs on wear, as expected.

The buckle also has several minor scratches and scuffs, but it still looks great overall. I can confidently and absolutely recommend a Kore Essentials belt for anyone, not just someone looking for a concealed carry belt. There are also belts available that do not have the strengthened core but have the same hidden track system for the most adjustable and comfortable belt you’ve ever worn.