Nexbelt: Everyday Carry Ratcheting Gun Belt Review

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This article, along with the accompanying video review, are my own opinions. No companies, including Nexbelt or Kore Essentials, paid me in any way for the content I produced. I have no interest in promoting subpar quality products to my brothers and sisters in arms, so I have no interest in playing corporate games or pushing low-quality products to make a buck. I personally prefer Kore Essentials’ belts because I found they are stiffer and have a more satisfying ratching mechanism. That does not mean that I think Nexbelt makes a subpar product or that they aren’t worth it.

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If you’re in the market for a new everyday carry belt, capable of handling the weight of your concealed carry handgun and other accessories, you’ve likely heard of Nexbelt. They are one of many companies that make ratchet-style belts that work like giant zip-ties for your waist. The biggest thing that differentiates Nexbelt from other brands, is that they use magnets and stainless steel screws, where other companies use springs and pins for their buckles. The magnetic nature of the buckle, paired with the integrated ratchet track makes Nexbelt a solid option for EDC wear. The hidden ratchet track in Nexbelts is always red because they are supposedly stronger and last longer than other brands, so they wanted them to stand out. The track or “zipper,” as they call it, allows very small 1/4″ adjustments for a very comfortable fit that can be adjusted quickly and easily throughout the day, as needed.

Other belts featured in the video above include the following:

5.11 TDU Belt

Klikbelts Cobra Buckle 1-Ply Nylon

Kore Essentials X5 Black Buckle

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Nexbelt Offers The Most Unique Buckle Designs

I have to give the award for the most unique and largest selection of buckle designs to Nexbelt for sure. They have dozens of different designs for any occasion and activity. They also have several different options for the actual belt material. Nylon, leather, and faux carbon fiber are just a few of the options. If you like to golf, Nexbelt also has a buckle with a built-in removable ball marker. If you’re in the law enforcement community and wear plain clothes or business casual for detective work, Nexbelt has designed a unique buckle that includes a hidden handcuff key. I won’t go into the reasons a hidden handcuff key would be a wise thing to keep on your person at all times, as I’m sure you already know. Thanks to Nexbelt, you will always have a handcuff key ready and easily accessible should the need ever arise. They also offer buckles featuring flags, quotes, symbols, car brands, hunting, the 2nd amendment, and more. There really are too many choices to list here, which is awesome.

You can also have Nexbelt laser engrave any design you’d like in your own unique buckle, starting at $100. The price goes down the more you order, so if you’re looking for a special event belt buckle, some kind of corporate uniform, or any other special occasion, Nexbelt can probably hook you up.

Hidden Handcuff Key Buckles

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The Best Appendix Carry Gun Belt?

In the world of concealed carry gear, there are about a million different options as far as belts go. With that in mind, and with a very specific type of concealed carry also considered, Nexbelt created what they call the “Supreme Appendix.” It is a ratchet belt like all their other belts, but the buckle has been trimmed down to a tiny 1 1/2 x 1 11/16″ so as to be as small and compact as possible to help facilitate appendix carry. You can either wear the belt as you would wear any other belt and have the loops of your holster straddle the buckle, or you can spin the belt so the buckle ends up around the 10 or 11 o’clock position to keep the front as smooth and low profile as possible for faster draws and less printing. Either way, I appreciate the thought and effort that went into making something specifically for appendix carry.

Nexbelt Long-Term Durability and Wear

Shortly after I recorded the video above, I sent the Nexbelt featured in the video to a good friend of mine. He was a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard and was one of the All Guard shooting team members I shot alongside at several international shooting matches. Because of the nature of product testing and the fact that things are constantly changing based on what I’m reviewing, I wanted to make sure the Nexbelt was going to be used consistently by someone in the military, including concealed carrying on a daily basis so that the long term feedback would be accurate and dependable. It’s one thing to open a brand new package and say it’s awesome, but it’s a totally different ballgame if that product has been actively used for over a year. I’m happy to report that the belt has held up exceptionally well! He has not had any issues with it at all. He also said that it is, “The best gun belt ever!” So after more than a full year of everyday wear and use, the Nexbelt is still doing a great job holding up whatever he throws at it.

Final Thoughts

The Nexbelt was sent to me from Kore Essentials, along with several other belts to do a comparison review. When you compare Kore and Nexbelt side by side, I found that Kore has a more satisfying and stronger feeling ratchet system with their spring-loaded buckles versus Nexbelt’s magnetic buckle. I personally prefer Kore Essentials over Nexbelt, primarily because Kore Essentials is significantly stiffer. However, I don’t have a problem recommending Nexbelt, if you’re looking for a good ratchet-style EDC belt with unique buckle designs or one of the features they have built into some of their buckles like the hidden handcuff key or incredibly tiny appendix carry specific buckle.

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