Welcome to The Warrior Solution!

We’re glad to have you here – we appreciate you stopping by to visit our website. The Warrior Solution is a veteran-owned small business that was founded by Jeremy Steffel and his wife, Heather, on August 7, 2018. Our official business launch date was September 23, 2018.

Jeremy served nine years in the Army National Guard and was part of the Virginia State shooting team as well as the All Guard International shooting team. He received various shooting related awards and titles including but not limited to: Distinguished Rifleman, Distinguished Pistol Shot, Chief’s 50, and Governor’s Twenty. He is currently a contracted firearms and tactical driving instructor for various organizations around the United States.

Our Vision

Our vision for The Warrior Solution is to be a positive, inspirational, one-stop shop for military members, law enforcement, shooting professionals, veterans, and patriotic people, who are looking for gear, clothing, weapons, accessories, and advice. In our logo, you may have recognized the AR-15 bolt face fused with a Spartan helmet. The cogs in our bolt face helmet design symbolize gears turning in your mind, and the red cog that is set apart represents that light-bulb moment when you think of a good solution. We look forward to becoming your link to the various resources you need and helping you find your own unique solutions.

Your connection with us goes beyond The Warrior Solution. We have partnered with Project AK-47 to help put an end to child soldiers around the world. Ten percent of all profits will be donated to Project AK-47, and 100% of profits from the specially marked Project AK-47 designs will be given to them, in order to bring awareness and support to their mission. You can read more about Project AK-47 on our site or the official Project AK-47 page.

Your Solution

There are plenty of places to buy all kinds of gear, accessories, and custom t-shirts. The Warrior Solution is different because we are not interested in trying to “sell” you anything. To put it simply, you either need certain gear for your job or you don’t. There is no reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a miscellaneous assortment of items you don’t actually need and wouldn’t really use. Whether you are a tier-one asset or an air-soft junkie, we are pleased to offer recommendations and honest reviews on the products we carry; and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll work to find a reputable resource for you. Just ask us. We will not accept compensation from any manufacturers to say their product is better than it really is. When lives are on the line, there is no room for cheap, poorly made junk that could fail on you just when you need it most. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for your time and business with us!